About Spinoff

Spinoff profiles NASA technologies that have transformed into commercial products and services. About 50 spinoff technologies are featured annually in the publication, demonstrating the wider benefits of America’s investment in its space program.

Spinoff is available online in multiple digital formats, and print copies are distributed to the public and to politicians, representatives at the United Nations, economic decision makers, company CEOs, academics, scientists, engineers, professionals in technology transfer, the news media, and many others. (To request a copy of the latest issue click here.)

NASA has a long history of transferring technology to the private sector. The Technology Transfer Program was formally established in 1964 in response to a congressional mandate to facilitate the process, and the program has functioned under various names ever since, making it NASA’s longest continuously operated mission. read more

NASA Technologies Benefit Our Lives

Trace Space Back to You!

Have you ever wondered how space exploration impacts your daily life?

Space exploration has created new markets and new technologies that have spurred our economy and changed our lives in many ways. This year, NASA unveiled two new complementary interactive Web features, NASA City and NASA @ Home, available at The new features highlight how space pervades our lives, invisible yet critical to so many aspects of our daily activities and well-being.

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NASA Home And City 2.0 – Video